Flyover between Eastern Express Highway and V N Purav Marg at Suman Nagar Junction.


The construction of flyover between Eastern Express Highway and V N Purav Marg at Suman Nagar junction has been entrusted to MSRDC as Project Implementing Agency by MMRDA vide agreement dated 30.3.2005. The administrative Approval to Rs. 16.65 Crores of the project has been accorded in MMRDA’s Executive committee 208th meeting dated 24.12.2004. The Technical approval for his flyover work at Suman Nagar junction was given by Chief Engineer, MSRDC as mentioned in their letter no. MSRDC/MUIP/1474 dated 4.4.2005 for Rs. 19.56 Crores, MMRDA has approved the contract and issued work order to contractor M/s Valecha – ECCI (J/V) on 24.11.2005 M/s Shirish Patel & Associate Consultant Pvt Ltd has been appointed as PMC for this work by MMRDA.


The purpose for the proposed flyover bridge at Suman Nagar junction is to eliminate the traffic signal there by providing free continuous flow of vehicles on Eastern Express Highway in both the directions releasing the Traffic jams at the junction due to stoppage of vehicle at the signal which was resulting in long queues of vehicles in both direction during the operation of signal.


The flyover is opened to traffic on 08.12.2011

Salient Features

Sr. No. Description Details
1 Value of Contract Rs.16,07,87,029/-
2 Agreement No. ED/MUIP/FO/S/Agreement/05, dated 24/11/2005
3 Name of Contractor M/s. Valecha Engineering Ltd & ECCI (JV), Mumbai.
4 Date of award of Contract 24/11/2005
5 Date of Commencement of work 24/11/2005
6 Time Period 12 Months
  Stipulated date of completion 23/11/2006
  First extension granted upto 30/12/2008
  Second extension granted upto 30/06/2010
  Third extension granted upto 30/05/2011
7 Details of Work Total = 16 spans
No change after revision
i) Length of Flyover 14 nos. of Spans varies from 17.00 to 27.75 m
  Obligatory Span One span of 27.75 m & another span of 21.00 m
  Total length L = 503.30 m
No change after revision in overall length.
Viaduct: 337.45 m
Approaches: 165.86 m (total)
Sion end: 59.34 m
Chembur end: 106.52 m
ii) Width of Obligatory Span Uni-Directional Carriageway of 11.00 to 13.00 m
iii) Foundation Pile foundations – 17 Nos.
Pile foundations – 16 Nos.
Open foundation – 2 Nos.
iv) Substructure Solid RCC piers with Square Section.
Integral construction merging with superstructure. – 19 Nos Revised:
Piers – 20 Nos.
v) Bearing No bearings due to Integral construction.
vi) Superstructure Cast-in-situ PSC voided Deck-Slab with aesthetically pleasing appearance.
vii) Approaches  
a) Solid ramps with reinforced earth 2 Nos.
b) Crust on Approaches 1) GSB – 200 mm
2) WMM – 300 mm
3) BM – 50 mm
4) DBM – 100 mm
5) BC – 40 mm
viii) Wearing coat over viaduct 25mm Mastic Asphalt + 75mm DBM + 6mm Mastic Asphalt as water proofing course over Deck Slab.
ix) Expansion joint Strip seal type and modular type with appropriate movement.
x) Drainage spouts G.I. water spouts with CI gratings 150mm and 150mm dia Gl down take pipe.
xi) Design speed 30 Km/hr.
xii) Design load As per IRC
Sr. No. Particulars Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)
1 BOQ items (As per Rate Revision) 234,038,838.00
2 Extra items 13,445,331.00
3 Variation  
  Total (Rs.) (Without Escalation) 247,484,169.00