Roads are arteries of a nation. Roads and bridges obliterate distance
and connect people while they spur economic progress.

MSRDC has been driven by a focused set of objectives as follows:

  • To improve and develop integrated transport infrastructure such as roads, expressways, bridges, flyovers, MRTS, ports, rail projects, airports etc.
  • To raise resources for the identified projects.
  • To follow transparent and competitive bidding procedures to ensure quality works at the most economic cost.
  • To encourage private sector participation in transport infrastructure.

MSRDC strives hard to deliver exceptional, strategic and integrated infrastructure services to the State of Maharashtra. MSRDC encourages the use of state of the art construction technology to reduce construction period. Decentralized decision-making, constructive co-ordination with the private sector, technical support from professional consultants and FIDIC system of contracts with work-specific amendments provide added advantage to MSRDC’s lean organization structure. MSRDC envisions itself as the nation’s chosen infrastructure expert and strategic advisor on transport-infrastructure.