Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd. Transforming Maharashtra's Transport Landscape

About us

MSRDC is a corporation established and fully owned by the Government of Maharashtra through a resolution on 9th July, 1996 and has been incorporated as a limited company under the Companies Act 1956 on 2nd August 1996.

MSRDC mainly deals with the properties and assets comprising movables and immovables including land, road projects, flyover projects, toll collection rights and works under construction which vested with the State Government and were under the control of the Public Works Department. These have been subsequently transferred to MSRDC.

Major functions of the Corporation are

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  • To promote and operate - road projects
  • To plan, investigate, design, construct and manage identified road projects and their area development
  • To enter into a contract in respects of the works and any other matters transferred to the Corporation along with assets and liabilities
  • To invite tenders, bids, offers and enter into contracts for the purposes of all the activities of the corporation.
  • To promote participation of any person or body or association of individuals, whether incorporated or not, in planning, investigation, designing, construction and management of transport projects and area development.
  • To undertake schemes or works, either jointly with other corporate bodies or institutions, or with Government or local authorities, or on agency basis in furtherance of the purposes for which the Corporation is established and all matters connected therewith.
  • To undertake any other project and other activities entrusted by the State Government in furtherance of the objectives for which the Corporation is established.